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Sl.No. Title Publish Date
141 Guidelines for ice coming in contact with food products   PDF file 25-04-2017
142 Ban on use of Staple pins in tea bags   PDF file 08-07-2017
143 Requirement of ‘No Objection certificate (NOC)from Central Ground water Authority (CGWA) as pre-requisite for grant of FSSAI license   PDF file 28-09-2017
144 Office Order w.r.t. Port and Airport   PDF file 05-03-2014
145 Guidelines on licensing of air services   PDF file 26-03-2014
146 Uniform Numbering System for Port/Airport   PDF file 26-03-2014
147 Restricting the use of newspaper as food packaging material   PDF file 06-12-2016
148 Reduction of contamination of food with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) from smoking and direct drying   PDF file 18-01-2017
149 Disposal of matters under erstwhile PFA Act   PDF file 31-01-2013
150 Mandatory training of all central and State Licensed FBOs under FSS Act 2006   PDF file 06-10-2017
151 Disposal of matters under erstwhile PFA Act   PDF file 11-09-2014
152 Ban on Import of dairy Products from China.   PDF file 19-06-2014
153 Adjudication proceedings under Section 68 of FSS Act wherein infringement of PFA act & Rules is involved   PDF file 26-10-2015
154 Cases pending under PFA Act & other repealed by FSS Act   PDF file 02-08-2016
155 Cases pending under PFA Act & other repealed by FSS Act   PDF file 14-07-2017
156 Cases pending under PFA act & other orders repealed by schedule 2 of FSS Act, 2006   PDF file 03-10-2017
157 Press Release on Eat Right Movement. (Uploaded on: 10.07.2018)   PDF file 10-07-2018
158 Announcement - 05th FAE and 02nd JAE. (Uploaded on: 26.06.2018)   PDF file 26-06-2018
159 Statutory Advisory on use of glazing agents Shellac, Beeswax (white and yellow), gum and arabic and pectin in chocolates at GMP level.   PDF file 28-06-2013
160 Advisory on Extending time period for complying with requirements under the Notifications No. P. 15014/1/2011-PFA/FSSAI, dated 27.06.2013.   PDF file 05-09-2013