21st Session of FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia (CCASIA21)

The 21st Session of the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia will be held from 23rd–27th September 2019 at the Double Tree by Hilton Goa – Panaji, Goa, India.

  • The Session will start at 09:30 hrs on 23rd September, 2019  at the Grand Ballroom


Codex Contact Points are invited to pre-register the participants through the Online Registration System (ORS) on the Codex Website. Onsite Registration of participants will take place at the meeting venue on Sunday 22nd September 2019: 14:00 Hrs–18:00 Hrs and Monday 23rd September 2019: 08:00 Hrs onwards at the registration desk outside the Grand Ballroom. Delegates are requested to wear name badges visibly in order to gain admittance to the Hotel and Ballroom

Side events

  • Workshop for the first time delegates; 22nd Sep 2019, Sunday (07:00 – 07:30 pm)
  • STDF Proposal - 25th Sep 2019, Wednesday (Lunch time)
  • Codex Trust Fund 2- 26th Sep, Thursday (09:00 – 10:00 am)
  • Codex online tools - Thursday morning (10:15  am– 12:45 pm)
  • Goa trip- 26th Sep, Friday (After Report adoption)



  • Delegates are reminded that they are responsible for making their own hotel accommodation arrangements. It is highly recommended that the delegates make their hotel reservation as soon as possible. Reservation must be made with the hotels directly.
  • A limited number of rooms in Hotel Double Tree by Hilton, Panaji are blocked at special discounted rates for the delegates for CCASIA. Reservation will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis. The Special discounted rates will only apply to the reservation made before 31st July 2019. For booking rooms in the hotel please click on following links:

CP (including breakfast only) Rate INR 7499 (Single Occupancy)/ INR8000 (Double Occupancy) Plus tax external link
MAP (including breakfast and dinner) Rate INR 8000 (Single Occupancy)/ INR8500 (Double Occupancy) Plus tax external link

MEETING DOCUMENT external link

Delegates are requested to bring their own documents to the meeting. Conference Room Documents (CRDs) and additional documents, if any, will be available at the registration desk outside the conference room

Agenda Number Agenda Description EN CH
Agenda 1 Provisional Agenda   Pdf size:( 0.18 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.44 MB)
Agenda 2 Keynote address on food safety at primary production: issues and best practices for an evolving region   Pdf size:( 0.28 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.35 MB)
Agenda 3.1 Emerging issues in food safety and quality in countries in the region   Pdf size:( 0.29 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.28 MB)
Agenda 3.2 The future of food safety: Outcome of the first FAO/WHO/AU International Food Safety Conference and the International Forum on Food Safety and Trade - What's next?   Pdf size:( 0.31 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.57 MB)
Agenda 3.3 Food safety and quality situation in the countries in the region: Use of the online platform for information sharing on food safety control systems; status of information and future plans/prospects   Pdf size:( 0.39 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.36 MB)
Agenda 4 Use of Codex standards in the region   Pdf size:( 0.38 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.47 MB)
Agenda 5 Matters arising from the Codex Alimentarius Commission and other Codex committees   Pdf size:( 0.2 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.28 MB)
Agenda 5.1 Matters arising from the Codex Alimentarius Commission and other Codex Committees     Pdf size:( 0.49 MB)
Agenda 6 Codex work relevant to the region   Pdf size:( 0.54 MB)  
Agenda 7.1 Monitoring of the implementation of the Global Codex Strategic Plan 2014-2019   Pdf size:( 0.9 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.6 MB)
Agenda 7.2 Codex Strategic Plan 2020-2025 - Roadmap to implementation   Pdf size:( 0.54 MB)  
Agenda 8 Codex Communications work plan   Pdf size:( 0.39 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.57 MB)
Agenda 10 Discussion paper on the development of a regional standard for soybean products fermented with microorganism bacillus species   Pdf size:( 0.75 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.67 MB)
Agenda 11 Discussion paper on development of a regional standard for quick frozen dumpling (jiaozi)   Pdf size:( 0.38 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.77 MB)
Agenda 12 Discussion paper on development of a regional standard for Zongzi   Pdf size:( 0.5 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.91 MB)
Agenda 13 Nomination of the Coordinator   Pdf size:( 0.19 MB)   Pdf size:( 0.58 MB)