Constituted by FSSAI for keeping liaison with the Codex. Shadow Committees on various subject matters corresponding to the Codex Committees have been constituted under the National Codex Committee to facilitate its functions. [MEMBERS] Pdf size:( 0.64 MB)


Assist the NCC in the study or consideration of technical matters. Currently there are 12 Shadow Committees on various subject matters.

Chairpersons of these Shadow Committees

Officers in the rank of Joint Secretary or above in the concerned Department/Ministry/ Food Authority who handle the subject at the policy level and also serve as the members of the NCC are nominated as the Chairpersons of these Shadow Committees".
[Members] Pdf size:( 0.64 MB)

“The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) under the administration of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has been designated as the nodal point for liaison with the Codex, known as “National Codex Contact Point of India (NCCP)”


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  3. Recently adopted Codex Standards since CAC41 (2018)
    Reference No Name of  Codex Standards/Texts Committee Year of adoption
    CODEX STAN 330-2018 Pdf size:( 0.33 MB) Standard for Aubergines CCFFV 2018
    CODEX STAN 326-2017 Pdf size:( 0.46 MB) Standard for Black, White and Green Peppers CCSCH 2017
    CODEX STAN 327-2017 Pdf size:( 0.27 MB) Standard for Cumin CCSCH 2017
    CODEX STAN 328-2017 Pdf size:( 0.26 MB) Standard for Dried Thyme CCSCH 2017
    CODEX STAN 329-2017 Pdf size:( 0.19 MB) Standard for Fish Oils CCFO 2017
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