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  1. 41. Press Release dated 27th November 2019 regarding India co-chairs Action on Food Safety Meet in Kathmandu [Updated on:28-11-2019]
  2. 42. Notice dated 28th November 2019 related to Syllabus of written exam for various posts advertised through DR-01/2019 & DR – 02/2019. [Updated on:28-11-2019]
  3. 43. Advisory dated 27th November 2019 related to Requirement of BIS Certification prior to import of Packaged Drinking Water / Mineral Water [Updated on:27-11-2019]
  4. 44. Press Release dated 25th November 2019 regarding Improved Food Safety Enforcement: Data for 2018-19 released [Updated on:26-11-2019]
  5. 45. Press Release dated 26th November 2019 regarding Action Plan for Safe and Quality Milk and Milk Products [Updated on:26-11-2019]
  6. 46. Direction under section 16 (5) of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 dated 25th November 2019 regarding Sampling Plan for Salt for the purpose of enforcement of FSS (Fortification of Foods) Regulations, 2018 [Updated on:25-11-2019]
  7. 47. Letter dated 22nd November 2019 related to Additional / irrelevant documents sought by licensing authorities in processing applications for license / registration [Updated on:25-11-2019]
  8. 48. Letter dated 25th November 2019 related to Surveillance and Enforcement activities on unauthorized addition of harmful substances (Grass, Stone Powder, Jaggery residue etc. ) into Cumin [Updated on:25-11-2019]
  9. 49. Notice related to Clarification regarding cutoff declared for PwBD candidates [Updated on:22-11-2019]
  10. 50. Press Release dated 22nd November 2019 related to irresponsible advertising a matter of grave concern [Updated on:22-11-2019]
  11. 51. Letter dated 15th November 2019 related to Online Sale of Alcoholic Beverages under FSSAI License by E-Commerce Food Businesses [Updated on:21-11-2019]
  12. 52. Tender / RFP dated 19th November 2019 related to procurement of HPTLC to National Food Laboratory Kolkata [Updated on:19-11-2019]
  13. 53. Declaration of Score Card of Candidates appeared in CBT of DR-02/2019 conducted from 24.07.2019 to 26.07.2019 [Updated on:19-11-2019]
  14. 54. Tender dated 18th November 2019 related to Empanelment of Agencies/ Firms for providing hired vehicles services in the Regional Office, Kolkata [Updated on:18-11-2019]
  15. 55. Declaration of Result of CBT of DR-02/2019 conducted from 24.07.2019 to 26.07.2019 [Updated on:15-11-2019]
  16. 56. Internship (December) 2019 [Updated on:11-11-2019]
  17. 57. Press Release dated 07th November 2019 related to FSSAI Proposes Ten-point charter for food sold, supplied to school Children. [Updated on:07-11-2019]
  18. 58. Gazette Notification on Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Addtivies) fourth amendment Regulations, 2019 relating to new standards of decaffeinated ground and roasted coffee, decaffeinated soluble coffee powder and revision of standards of packaged drinking water [Updated on:05-11-2019]
  19. 59. Draft Notification on Food Safety Standards (Safe Food and Healthy Diets for School Children) Regulations, 2019 [Updated on:04-11-2019]
  20. 60. Draft Notification on Food Safety Standards (Safe Food and Healthy Diets for School Children) Regulations, 2019 for inviting comments/suggestions from WTO-SPS Member Countries [Updated on:04-11-2019]