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  1. 161. Draft Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Amendment Regulations, 2020 w.r.t the standards of raw edible oil, multi-source edible vegetable oil, dehydrated vegetables, protein rich atta, multigrain atta, mixed millet flour, revised standards of honey, requirements for animal feed, dry sweet basil, hemp seed, use of food additives in iced tea, microbiological standards for food grain etc. for inviting comments/suggestions from WTO-SPS Member Countries [Updated on:28-10-2020]
  2. 162. Gazette Notification file No. Stds/O&F/Notification(12)/FSSAI-2019 dated 26.10.2020 on Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on sales) Third Amendment Regulations, 2020 related to limit of Total Polar Compounds in unused/fresh vegetable oil/fat [Updated on:27-10-2020]
  3. 163. Press Release dated 22nd October 2020 related to Food Authority Launched a PAN India Surveillance of Khoa [Updated on:26-10-2020]
  4. 164. Order dated 22nd October 2020 related to Appointment of Designated Officer for India Railways under Section 36 of FSS Act, 2006 [Updated on:23-10-2020]
  5. 165. Gazette Notification on Food Safety and Standards (Import) Amendment Regulation 2020 [Updated on:23-10-2020]
  6. 166. Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on Sales) Second Amendment Regulations 2020 related to removal of the clause regarding mandatory certification of Agmark for certain food products. [Updated on:23-10-2020]
  7. 167. Letter dated 19th October 2020 related to Extension of date for mandatory food safety audit of Food Businesses under the FSS (Food Safety Audit) Regulations, 2018 [Updated on:22-10-2020]
  8. 168. Press Release dated 19th October 2020 related to FSSAI extends Upgraded Food Safety Compliance Platform for Food Businesses to entire country [Updated on:21-10-2020]
  9. 169. Notice dated 21st October 2020 regarding Inviting Public Comments on Draft Specification for Equipment used in Chemical Analysis of Food [Updated on:21-10-2020]
  10. 170. Gazette notification to amend Food Safety and Standards (Laboratory and Sample Analysis) Regulations, 2011 related to removal of inconsistency regarding two sets of laboratories mentioned in the regulation and those notified from time to time and the clause regarding the analysis fees for the food samples [Updated on:19-10-2020]
  11. 171. Comments/Suggestion regarding Food safety and Standards (Amendment) Bill 2020 [Updated on:18-10-2020]
  12. 172. Press Release dated 16th October 2020 related to FSSAI celebrates World Food Day with launch of Eat Right Challenge for Smart Cities and School Children, presided by Honble Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare [Updated on:16-10-2020]
  13. 173. Gazette notification F.No. Stds/Processing aids/Notification/FSSAI/2018 dated 09.10.2020 on Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Ninth Amendment Regulations, 2020 related to the insertion of Appendix ‘C’ w.r.t. Processing Aids [Updated on:15-10-2020]
  14. 174. Gazette notification No.1/Additional Additives-III/Stds/ Notification/ FSSAI/2017 dated 09.10.2020 on Food Safety and Standards Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Eighth Amendment Regulations, 2020 related to the provision of additional additives (sorbitan monostearate) and microbiological requirements for spices [Updated on:14-10-2020]
  15. 175. Gazette notification No. Stds/SP(L&C/A)/Oil Claims/FSSAI-2018 dated 09.10.2020 on Food Safety and Standards (Advertising and Claims) First Amendment Regulations, 2020 w.r.t. claims for edible vegetable oils. [Updated on:14-10-2020]
  16. 176. Letter dated 09th October 2020 related to Audit of Meat / Sweet Shops all over India [Updated on:13-10-2020]
  17. 177. Clarification dated 12th October 2020 related to Requirement of Non GM cum GM free certificate to accompany imported food consignments [Updated on:13-10-2020]
  18. 178. Office Order dated 13th October 2020 regarding Notification of Authorised Officers under Section 25 read with section 47(5) of FSS Act, 2006 and Regulation 13(1) of FSS(Import) Regulation, 2017 [Updated on:13-10-2020]
  19. 179. Public Notice dated 12th October 2020 regarding Launch of Second Phase in FoSCoS in remaining 27 States / UTs wef 26th October 2020 [Updated on:12-10-2020]
  20. 180. Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Selection of Training Partners empanelled under FoSTaC programme for training of Food Handlers working with MDM, Aanganwadi, Govt. Canteens and Places of Worship [Updated on:08-10-2020]