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  1. 1. Order dated 28th May 2020 related to Modification of License by Existing FSSAI Licensed Manufactures upon launch of FoSCoS [Updated on:28-05-2020]
  2. 2. Public Notice dated 28th May, 2020 regarding Launch of Food Safety and Compliance System (FoSCoS) [Updated on:28-05-2020]
  3. 3. Order dated 21st May 2020 related to Direction regarding display of "Date of Manufacturing" and Best Before Date" in case of sweets [Updated on:22-05-2020]
  4. 4. Request for Proposal (RFP) dated 20.05.2020 for Empanelment of Software Development Agencies for e-Governance Project/Services in ICT Area for Development of IT Applications/Portals activities for FSSAI for 3 years [Updated on:20-05-2020]
  5. 5. Corrigendum dated 14th May 2020 regarding Implementation of Revised Food Safety Inspection checklists [Updated on:20-05-2020]
  6. 6. Office Memorandum dated 20th May 2020 regarding Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of novel Coronavirus - Attendance. [Updated on:20-05-2020]
  7. 7. Office Memorandum dated 18th May 2020 related to Revised Guidelines for functioning of office w.e.f. 18.05.2020 [Updated on:18-05-2020]
  8. 8. Request for Proposal (RFP) dated 13th May 2020 for Empanelment of Multi-Media Creative Agencies for FSSAI for Two years [Updated on:13-05-2020]
  9. 9. Office Memorandum dated 05th May 2020 related to Provisional Seniority Lists as on 01/01/2020 [Updated on:12-05-2020]
  10. 10. Press Release dated 12th May 2020 related to FSSAI facilitates food businesses amid COVID 19 pandemic [Updated on:12-05-2020]
  11. 11. Letter / Order dated 12th May 2020 related to Validity of FSSAI recognised Food Testing Laboratories [Updated on:12-05-2020]
  12. 12. Office Memorandum dated 01st May 2020 related to Revised Guidelines for functioning of office w.e.f 04.05.2020 [Updated on:12-05-2020]
  13. 13. Notice dated 11th May 2020 related to Extension of last date for Filling up of the various posts in FSSAI HQ, New Delhi and Regional Offices at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Guwahati through transfer on Deputation on foreign service terms/Short Term Contract basis. The last date extended to 31st May 2020. [Updated on:11-05-2020]
  14. 14. Press Release dated 06th May 2020 related to FSSAI initiates training for Food Businesses to Mitigate Covid-19 [Updated on:06-05-2020]
  15. 15. Notice dated 05th May 2020 regarding Claims Approval on Format for providing of claim support data [Updated on:06-05-2020]
  16. 16. Letter dated 05th May 2020 related to Clarification on relation of food with spread of COVID-19 pandemic [Updated on:05-05-2020]
  17. 17. Letter dated 04th May 2020 regarding Steps to facilitate the Food Businesses in COVID-19 era [Updated on:05-05-2020]
  18. 18. Notification dated 20th April 2020 for Testing as Essential [Updated on:28-04-2020]
  19. 19. Office Memorandum dated 25th April 2020 related to Donation to PM CARES Fund in light of prevailing situation due to COVID-19 [Updated on:25-04-2020]
  20. 20. Press Release dated 23rd April 2020 related to FSSAI ensures uninterrupted food business operations during the COVID-19 [Updated on:23-04-2020]