Under Section 16 (2) (f) of the FSS Act, 2006, FSSAI specifies methods of analysis. Manuals/Methods of analysis of various food products are as under -

Order dated 07th April 2021 related to Method for Determination of Iron Filling in Tea. (uploaded on: 07.04.2021) Pdf size:( 0.93 MB)

Rapid Analytical Food Testing (RAFT) Kit/Equipment/Method. (Uploaded on: 08.01.2020) Pdf size:( 0.96 MB)

Letter dated 22nd February 2021 related to Instructions for measuring the Refractive Index (RI) value in oil samples. (Uploaded on: 24.02.2021) Pdf size:( 0.25 MB)

  1. Manual on Milk and Milk Products Pdf size:( 1.1 MB)
  2. Manual on Oils and Fats  Pdf size:( 1.88 MB)
  3. Manual on Fruits and Vegetable Products  Pdf size:( 1.53 MB)
  4. Manual on Cereal and Cereal Products  Pdf size:( 1.48 MB)
  5. Manual on Food Additives  Pdf size:( 0.85 MB)
  6. Revised Manual on Mycotoxins .(Uploaded on: 04.12.2020)  Pdf size:( 1.77 MB)
  7. Manual on Spices and Condiments  Pdf size:( 1.43 MB)
  8. Manual on Metals  Pdf size:( 1.53 MB)
  9. Manual on General Guidelines on Sampling  Pdf size:( 1.48 MB)
  10. Manual on Antibiotics and Hormones Residues  Pdf size:( 1.65 MB)
  11. Manual on Meat and Fish  Pdf size:( 1.88 MB)
  12. Manual of Pesticides Residues  Pdf size:( 1.25 MB)
  13. Manual on Water Analysis  Pdf size:( 1.75 MB)
  14. Manual of Methods of Analysis of Food - Alcoholic Beverages Pdf size:( 2.63 MB)
  15. Method of analysis of fortification in food products Pdf size:( 0.76 MB)

Orders for adopting above Manuals/Methods by food laboratory, mandatorily