FSSAI is involved with strengthening capacity of the laboratory personnel for which it focuses on training programs like Good Food Laboratory Practices (GFLP) and Specialized training programs like Analysis of Mycotoxin, Pesticide Residues, Veterinary Drug Residues etc.

Good Food Laboratory Practices (GFLP)

GFLP: This is a mandatory training program meant for all the personnel of laboratories under the purview of FSSAI. The duration of this general training is five days and will be carried out at the premises of identified reputed/ notified laboratories having testing facilities for safety parameters (Microbiological, Pesticide and Heavy Metal and NOTS) in Chemical and biological fields of their NABL Scope. The basic content of this program covers the aspects of Good Food Laboratory practices. Trainers from NABL assessors and subject experts with a wide experience of laboratory work; are identified for this training program.

Contact Person:
Consultant Scientist (III)
Ph: 011-23210596

Specialized Training programs

A number of specialized training program are being conducted for FSSAI notified Food Laboratories and State Food Laboratories across the country on Mycotoxin, Pesticide Residues, Veterinary Drug Residues, Doping substances in Food Supplements, etc to strengthen the capacity of laboratory personnel. Master training programs of these specialized programs are first conducted to build a set of master trainers who in turn train trainers in the country, followed by Training of Trainers (T-o-T) programs in the subject area.

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Contact Person:
Assistant Director, FSSAI
Ph: 011-23237417