Orange Book

About the Orange Book

FSSAI is pleased to bring you  ‘The Orange Book’

'Safe and Nutritious Food at Workplace' is a nation-wide campaign to help people eat safe and eat right while at work. With the rising incidence of diet-related diseases, we need to be more conscious and mindful of our diets. This initiative, therefore, educates people on safe and healthy diets. Further, the campaign would help to develop an overall ecosystem for safe and nutritious food in workplaces. The key resource book for this campaign is the 'Orange Book­Your Guide for Safe and Nutritious Food at the Workplace'.

The Orange Book is organized into three parts. The first part is meant for HR/Administration. It includes specific measures that the workplace administration can take in order to create a system and an enabling environment to ensure food safety and nutrition for everyone at the workplace.

The second part is for the canteen or cafeteria establishment. It specifies best practices and guidelines recommended for the canteen establishment to ensure that the food served in the workplace, whether prepared in-house or catered from outside, is safe and wholesome.

The third part is for employees. It provides several important dos and don'ts, useful tips and suggestions to empower employees to eat and stay healthy at the workplace by making informed choices about the food they consume.

This book has been carefully developed and reviewed by a team of food safety experts and nutritionists from premier institutions in the country.

FSSAI would welcome any suggestions and feedback on this publication so that The Orange Book becomes a trusted guide for workplaces on food safety and nutrition. Further, we plan to rate workplaces as "Healthy Places to Work" based on the practices mentioned in this book. We hope that every workplace becomes a "Healthy Place to Work."


The Orange Book may be freely downloaded and printed, without changes, by any individual, company or publisher for individual use or widespread dissemination. This book has been brought out in the interest of public service so it shall not be printed and distributed for commercial purposes. Further, it should not be stated or implied that FSSAI endorses a particular product or business.


We welcome your feedback for regular updating Orange Book. FSSAI encourages the Food Business Operators, Non-Governmental Organizations, Industry Associations, Consumer Organizations and others to widely circulate the booklet electronically or in print form. Back cover can be used by such agencies to publicize messages on behalf of their own organizations. 


For individual requirements and concerns, especially regarding nutrition guidelines, it is best to consult a doctor, nutritionist, dietician or specialist. FSSAI is not liable for any negative consequences, health-related or otherwise, as a result of following the guidelines presented in this book.