Panel for Contaminants in the Food Chain

  1. Dr. K. K. Sharma, Network Coordinator, Project Coordinating Cell, All India Network Project on Pesticide Residues, Indian Agricultural Research Institute- (Chair);
  2. Dr. Sushil Kumar Saxena, Director, Export Inspection Council (EIC), Ministry of Commerce and Industry;
  3. Dr. B. Sashidhar Rao, Professor, Department of Biochemistry, UCS, Osmania University;
  4. Dr. A. K. Barooah, Chief Scientist & Head Analytical Services, Tea Research Association;
  5. Dr. Mohana Krishna Reddy, Principal Scientist, CSIR- Indian Institute of Toxicology Research;
  6. Dr. K. K. Sinha, Professor, University Dept. of Botany, T.M. Bhagalpur University;
  7. Dr. Suseelendra Desai, Principal Scientist (Principal Pathology), Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture;
  8. Dr. Tridib K. Goswami, Professor, Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, IIT;
  9. Dr. K. S. Prasad, Principal Scientist & In-charge Animal Nutrition Division, National Institute of Animal Nutrition & Physiology;
  10. Prof. P. K. Shetty, Head, Department of Food Science and Technology, Puducherry University;
  11. Dr. Sushil Kumar Khurana, Consultant (Path.), Sectt. Of Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee.