The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 envisages ensuring availability of safe and wholesome food in the country. It also puts in place a well-defined regulatory framework to ensure compliance to the Act and Rules and Regulations made thereunder. A well trained and qualified regulatory workforce is essential for uniform and consistent application of the Act across the country. The Food Safety and Standards Rules, 2011 also provide for training of Designated Officers and Food Safety Officers by FSSAI.

In 2016, Food Safety & Standard Authority of India designed a Training Policy for Food Safety Regulatory Officials.  The Training policy provided for Induction as well as refresher training to regulatory officers. It also envisaged developing a pool of Trainers and for this purpose provided for Training of Trainers programme. The Training Policy was considered by the Central Advisory Committee in its 17th meeting and subsequently approved by Food Authority in the 21st Authority Meeting held on 26 May, 2016. Based on the Training Policy, a Food Safety Training Manual was framed for training of regulatory officers. FSSAI has since been conducting training in States/UTs accordingly. On the basis of lessons learnt and developments taking place in the food domain, this training Manual has been revised so as to keep pace with the developments and need for effective capacity building of regulatory officers. This revised Food Safety Training Manual streamlines the ToT programmes and lends more flexibility and content to regulatory training. In the Induction training, the subjects covered in the Manual for Food Safety Officers have also been mapped.