FSSAI has empanelled subject matter experts who have developed content for training of Regulatory Officials. They are the domain experts from Academia, Industry and the Food Regulatory Sectors.

A four-member Committee also was developed for revising the content of Training Material for Regulatory Staff. The members are Shri Sanjay Dave, Ex Chairman CODEX Alimentarius & Advisor to FSSAI, Shri Salim Veljee, Food Safety Commissioner of Goa, Dr. Geetanjali Sharma, Chief Microbiologist, Central Food Laboratories, Kolkata and Dr. Rubinaa Shaheen, Director, R & RD FSSAI.

Subject matter experts have undergone TOT conducted by FSSAI to maintain uniformity in delivery of training. The subject and region specific list of FSSAI certified trainers are enclosed.

Master Trainers to ensure relevance and quality of training.

A team of Master Trainers have been identified who in turn will provide training to trainers.

List of Master Trainers
in alphabetical order

Sl No. Name   Contact No.
1 Mr A K Srivastava Mr Srivastava is Consultant to PAV LAW office, New Delhi & associated with food safety for more than 35 years. He is an expert on Regulations, Administration of FSS Act 9968311884
2 Ms Chinmayee Deulgaonkar In food sector for last 12 years & an expert in FSMS, Quality Auditing 9930109209
3 Mr D Shivakumar Mr Shivkumar is Joint Food Safety Commissioner, Kerala. An expert on Enforcement of FSS Act, Surveliiance, Monitoring, Sampling, Adjudication 08943346181/ 09447891742
4 Dr Eram Rao Dr Rao is Assistant Professor of Delhi University. She has 21 years of teaching experience. She is an expert on Food Science & Nutrition, Food Processing & food fortification. 9818881588
5 Dr Jasvir Singh Scientific & regulatory head in Mondelez Inida Food. Expert in packaging labelling, FSMS, Quality Auditing 9958995804
6 Mr K M Nath Mr Nath is Ex Joint Director, FSSAI. He is an expert on FSS Act, Enforcement of Act, Labelling 9899532067
7 Dr M K Salooja Professor of IGNOU with 15years of teaching experience. He is an expert in food processing, food science & nutrition. 9891581750
8 Dr Nilesh Amritkar He is MD, Envircore Lab & Vice President AFSTI. He has 17 years of experience on Food Lab, Risk analysis, Contaminations 9167232003

List of Master Trainers

Sl No. Name   Contact No.
1 Dr Prabodh Halde Dr Halde is associated with food sector for last 25 years. He is President of AFSTI, Mumbai Chapter. He is an expert on FSMS, Surveillance, Regulatory Compliance, Packaging-Labelling 9820278746
2 Dr Praveen Gangadhar Dr Gangadhar FSS Act and Rules, Risk assessment and analysis, surveillance, international food laws 9810108823
3 Mr P K Jaiswal Ex Director Ministry of Agriculture. He is an experience of 25 years in food safety research & Training. 9958286537
4 Ms Sahana Chatterjee Principal Advocate, Amarchand & Managaldas Group. Experience in drafting food safety regulations and regulatory matters 8800491498
5 Mr Sanjay Indani Mr Indani is a lead trainer on Food Safety Management System associated with European Union 7666578715
6 Ms Subhaprada Nishtala Expert in Quality Assurance, Labelling & Claims, FSMS 7738083991
7 Mr Sunil Adsule Director, Scientific & Regulatory Affair, Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd. Expert in Food Science & Processing, Food regulation, GHP-GMP requirements. 9899998134
8 Dr Sunetra Rodday Dr Rodday is senior food safety specialist to EU. Has 30 years of experience. Her area is food nutrition, sanitation & hygiene, new product development. 9881471096
9 Mr U K Saxena Member of Scientific panel of FSSAI. He is an expert in Risk Assessment & Analysis 9560048921