Food Safety & Standard Authority of India has designed the Training Policy of Regulatory Officials as an integral element of its Food Control System. This Chapter gives a brief outline of the scope of learning through Capacity Building programme for Food Safety Regulators.

Food Safety Officer

The FSO is the representative of the Food Authority who interacts directly and closely with the FBOs on a regular basis. Therefore, he can play a crucial role not only in implementation of the provisions of the FSS Act,2006 but also act as a guide to FBOs in complying with the provisions of the FSS Act, rules and regulations made there under. The role of FBO in ensuring safe and wholesome food for human consumption cannot therefore be overstated. Considering the importance of role of FSO, the training has been designed in an integrated manner and Training Material has been developed with great care. During the 40-day long Training Programme, FSOs will learn about Concepts of Food Safety, new provisions of the Acts & Rules, Standards and new approaches to Monitoring of Food Safety. Check Lists which will help them in day to day activity will be a crucial element of the Training Programme.


Designated Officer

As per Section 36, the Commissioner, in turn, appoints the Designated Officer, who must not be below the rank of a Sub-Divisional Officer, to be in-charge of food safety administration in a specified area. Besides, Designated Officer is the Licensing Authority who can issue or cancel the License of FBO. Thus, the training of Designated Officer is imperative.

The Programme will provide the Designated Officer with training inputs on the FLRS system, Surveillance procedure, Sampling methodology, Adjudication and such relevant topics which will empower them to perform effectively in their field duties.


Adjudicating Officer

As per Section 68 of the FSS Act, the Adjudicating Officer is required to be not below the rank of Additional District Magistrate. The state government is required to notify an officer not below the rank of ADM for the district where the alleged offence was committed. AO is considered to be a civil court for the purposes of the Act. It has the power to punish for contempt or obstruction of its proceedings. Thus, Adjudicating Officer plays a crucial role in enforcement of the Law. The Training Programme will help AOs to get a thorough knowledge and ready reference on Food Safety & Standards Act, Rules & Regulations along with the procedure of Adjudication in the light of relevant clauses of all related legislation.


Food Safety Commissioner

The Commissioner of Food Safety shall be responsible for the efficient and effective implementation of the FSS Act in the State or UT as the case may be. As per Section 10(5) of the FSS Act, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the FSSAI is entrusted to exercise the powers of the Commissioner of Food Safety while dealing with matters relating to food safety. It reflects the domain of Food Safety Commissioner in maintaining food safety. FSSAI has designed a one-day workshop for sensitization and brief understanding of Role of Food Safety Commissioner in the light of evolving need & importance of food safety.