Food Safety and Quality Management is rapidly gaining importance both at national as well as international levels due to various reasons viz implementation of FSS Act 2006, globalization of food trade, harmonization of national standards with CODEX, legal changes at national and international levels etc. The Food Safety and Standards Act passed in the Parliament in 2006 came into force from 5th August 2011. To implement the Act, there is a need for human resources at various levels involving different stakeholders in the food chain from farm to fork which includes Regulators (Designated Officers, Adjudicating Officers and Food Safety Officers), Food Auditors, Food Analysts (Microbiology/Chemical), Food Handlers (Manufacturer, Wholesaler Retailer etc.). The Act calls for an enabling environment for its successful implementation and movement towards a science based approach to assure safety and the quality of food. Development of trained human resource in food safety sector is essential for speedy implementation of Act.

Food Safety & Standard Authority of India has designed a Training Policy for different levels of Food Safety Regulatory Officials. The Training Policy of the Regulatory Staff was discussed by 17th Central Advisory Committee and was approved by Food Authority in its 21st Authority Meeting. This Manual is a guiding document towards the Training Policy, Curriculum as well as all other Training related other information.