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  1. 61. Clarification on the requirement od documentfor Proof of Premises for thr purpose of making licensing application through FoSCoS [Updated on:12-04-2024]
  2. 62. Document for Proof of Premises for the purpose of making licensing application through FoSCoS in case of Shared Workspaces [Updated on:12-04-2024]
  3. 63. FSSAI launches awareness campaign on food safety aspects at prominent markets of Delhi [Updated on:10-04-2024]
  4. 64. Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) of Pesticides for Spices and Culinary Herbs [Updated on:10-04-2024]
  5. 65. Appointment of FSSAls Designated Officer for Central Licensing under Section 36 of FSS Act, 2006 [Updated on:08-04-2024]
  6. 66. Clarity in Choices: FSSAI advises E-Commerce Platforms to ensure appropriate categorization of food products sold on their websites [Updated on:04-04-2024]
  7. 67. Notice dated 4th April, 2024 for Seeking public comments on recent recommended Manual by Scientific Panel on Methods of Sampling & Analysis [Updated on:04-04-2024]
  8. 68. Requirement of Registration of Foreign Food Manufacturing facilities as per Food Safety and Standards (Import) First Amendment Regulations, 2021 [Updated on:04-04-2024]
  9. 69. Clarification regarding categorization of ‘Health Drinks / Energy Drinks’ on ECommerce website [Updated on:03-04-2024]
  10. 70. TENDER CANCELLATION NOTICE - Bid No. GEM/2023/B/4151141 dated 28-11-2023 i.r.o. “Selection of Laboratories for Testing of Products/Material - Food & Agri products” [Updated on:01-04-2024]
  11. 71. Corrigendum/Clarifications No: QA-11023/10/2023-QA-FSSAI in connection with the GeM Bid No GEM/2024/B/4643374 dated 07.03.2024 for "Operation and Management Contract for NFL, Ghaziabad" [Updated on:28-03-2024]
  12. 72. Results of Practical Examination of 9th FAE 2023 [Updated on:22-03-2024]
  13. 73. Special drives to check adulteration of milk and milk products like Khoya, sweets etc. during the festive season [Updated on:21-03-2024]
  14. 74. Monitoring the sale of food items during festival season [Updated on:21-03-2024]
  15. 75. Requirement of integrated veterinary health certificate for import of milk and milk products into India [Updated on:20-03-2024]
  16. 76. Central Advisory Committee of FSSAI unveils Action Plan on Anti-Microbial Resistance [Updated on:16-03-2024]
  17. 77. Food Product category for Edible Dried Fruits/ Vegetable Seeds for the purpose of Licensing through FoSCoS [Updated on:15-03-2024]
  18. 78. FSSAI facilitates Interactive Session & Capacity Building on MRL of Pesticides in Tea with Small Tea Growers (STG) [Updated on:15-03-2024]
  19. 79. Direction under Section 16(5) of Food Safety and Standards Act regarding compliance w.r.t. Processing Aids under Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 [Updated on:14-03-2024]
  20. 80. Pre-Bid Meeting for GeM Bid No. GEM/2024/B/4643374; Dated: 07.03.2024 [Updated on:14-03-2024]