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Eat Right Mela

To sensitise citizens on the role of food in preventive and promotive healthcare, the States/UTs would be encouraged to organise Eat Right Melas in all Metro cities, State Capitals and/or major cities. The idea behind the Eat Right Mela is to promote the message that healthy food can be fun, through an infotainment model. In all, around 40 Eat Right Melas could be organised in an Exhibition Format, with Food Stalls selling Fortified Foods, Organic Food, Healthy Food variants and promoting local and regional cuisines. Special encouragement would be given to the Street Foods of the region, by having street food stalls and training the vendors on food safety and hygiene through FSSAIs FoSTaC training content. Health camps/stalls with doctors and nutritionists conducting simple health parameter tests and Information Stalls with short films, digital posters, brochures and flyers would motivate people to be mindful and adopt safe and nutritious food habits.

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Eat Right Convention

'Talking can transform minds, which can transform behaviours, which can transform institutions.'
-Sheryl Sandberg

The Eat Right conventions may either be organised as standalone activities by the States/UTs, or combined with the Eat Right Melas. The Convention would be a formal gathering of all persons who have a role to play in ensuring safe and wholesome food for the citizens of the country and would include inter alia Policy Makers, Doctors, Nutritionists, Industry Associations, Professional Bodies, Food Businesses, Chefs, State Government officials, Academia, Media and others. The Format would be that of structured discussions, talks, experience sharing and brainstorming on promoting preventive healthcare and the public health agenda through ensuring safe and wholesome food. Further details on Eat Right Conventions would be shared in due course

Creativity Challenge

'Art is science made clear'
-Jean Cocteau

Young citizens could also unleash their creativity through a poster competition aligned with the theme of Word Food Day 2018 - Zero Hunger. Students (grade 1 to 12) are encouraged to adorn their thinking hats and depict what zero hunger means to them. This is an effort to sensitize the youth of the country to use resources of mother earth wisely and adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

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An Exciting Opportunity to participate in various competitions held at All India Level - Click on the links to know more!