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Roles and Responsibility

Food Safety Mitra is an individual professional certified by FSSAI and performs limited actions on behalf of/for FBOs with respect to the implementation of the FSS Act, Rules & Regulation.


Digital Mitra

  • Filing of new application for License/Registration
  • Further online correspondence regarding queries raised by Authorities
  • Filing application for modification of License/Registration
  • Filing of Annual Returns/ Declarations
  • Filing applications for approval of Product/ label/ Advertisement Claim
  • Filing appeal for revocation of Suspended Licenses/Registration

Trainer Mitra

  • Conducting training of food safety supervisors
  • Conducting training at Eat Right Campuses
  • Conducting training of food safety personnel in businesses on demand

Hygiene Mitra

  • To audit the hygiene of FBO outlets as per prescribed guidelines
  • To help FBOs with implementation of hygiene guidelines
  • To train the food safety supervisors and food handlers about safe & hygienic food handling practices

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