Sr. No. Title Guide Subject Research Fellow Food Category
1Government intervention in foodgrain economy : case of rice and wheatSharma, R KSocial ScienceSharma, Pradeep KumarCereals, Pulses & Bakery
2Food and habitat use of fishes in selected streams rivers of National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Western ghatsArunachalam, MZoologySivakumar, PFish and Fish Products
3Role of the National dairy research Institute and Central food technological research Institute in the development of the Indian dairy industry: technology foresight perspectivesDesai, PranavSingh, RajbeerMilk and Milk Products
4Biochemical studies during germination of indian bean Dolichos lablab L var lignosus seeds Food reserve mobilization and its regulationRao,P. RamakrishnaBiochemistryRamakrishna,V.Cereals and Pulses
5Studies on some aspects of the biology of a few Indian marine food fishesMirza, M BZoologyRadhakrishnan, NFish and Fish Products
6-Development and quality evaluation of selected honey based food productsDurrani, Anisa M and Srivastava, P KHome ScienceVerma, SangeetaHoney, sugar and sweetners
7Biological effects on the storage of foodstuffs cerealsBaruah, ParukuttyBotanyBaruah, Lily MazinderCereals and Pulses
8Impact Of Branded Packaged Food Products On Rural Consumers In Chittoor DistrictDr. B. AmarnathG. Vijayudu
9Inter regional output responces of food crops in Andhra PradeshReddy,K. SatyanarayanaEconomicsReddy,E. LakshmiCereals and Pulses
10HPLC analysis of selected foods for inulin content acceptability trials of inulin incorporated recipes and its health benefits in institutionalised elderliesSheth,MiniFoods and NutritionParnami,SwatiDiet and Nutrition
11Studies on Pollutants and Food AdditivesKurup, G MuraleedharaChemistryLetha, RAll food categories
12Organic food An assessment of food quality and satisfaction of consumers as compared to conventional foodShukul,ManeeshaData not availableMajmudar,JalpaCerelas, Pulses & Bakery
13Studies on fermented foods with reference to hemagglutinin hydrolysing bacteria isolated from rice soyidli batterRamakrishnan,C VBio-ChemistryRao,Gudapaty SeshagiriCereals and Pulses
14Studies on the detection of common adulterants in foodChakravorty, K LChemistryChakravorty, KanailalAll food categories
15Impact of food safety regulations on fruits and vegetable exports from IndiaSengupta, PrabirHorticultureChaturvedi, TamannaFruits and vegetables & Spices
16Extraction and purification of bacteriocins from lactic acid bacteria and its applications in various food systemsRamana, K. V.Rajini Kumari YaddulaAll food categories
17Total quality management system in seafood freezing industry in KeralaRamachandran, AIndustrial fisheriesShassi, SFish and Fish Products
18A study on the impact of packaging and nutritional labeling of food products on consumer buying behaviour in salem districtRajeswari RCommerceRamya TAll food categories
19Nutritional studies on fermented foodsSail, SSDepartment of Home ScienceKaur, JejinderDiet and Nutrition
20Development of milk based probiotic drinks and food productsKumer, Prof. DineshBiotechnologyKumar, AshwaniMilk and milk products
21A comparative study on consumer perception sensory attributes nutrients and pesticide residue level among organic foods and conventional foodsPatel, Vinayak HHome ScienceRoghelia, VirajnatvarlalCerelas, Pulses & Bakery
22Analytical parameters of some natural and synthetic vinegar and some common food productsAhmed, ZaheerSyed,Ummul Khair AsemaAll food categories
23Biochemical implications of food processingPhilip, BabuYeldho, K MAll food categories
24-Development of biodegradable packaging for food irradiation applicationVariyar, Prasad SLife ScienceChaturbhuj, Kumar SaurabhAll food categories
25Studies on pesticide residue in consumable food items and its impact on environment and human healthDutta, B K; Choudhury, P and Rao, N V SDey, Kabita RaniAll food categories
26Value addition of pineapple based food productsPrasad, RanuFood and NutritionSrivastava, KirtiFruits and vegetables & Spices
27Trans fatty acid content of edible fats:oils and commonly consumed fried, baked, dairy food items and the effect of dietary tfa on select cardio metabolic risk factorsPassi, Jain SantoshHome scienceBhardwaj, SwatiEdible Oils & Fats
28Evalution of therapeutic potential of honey and incorporation of honey in food productsShrivastava, VeenaLibrary and Information ScienceRana, SeemaHoney, sugar and sweetners
29Mycotoxin contamination in food and feed with special reference to their cytogenetic effects on plant systemAgarawal, S CBotanyJain, KiranAll food categories
30Development and quality evaluation of selected honey based food productsDurrani, Anisa M and Srivastava, P KHome ScienceVerma, SangeetaHoney, sugar and sweetners
31-Study of toxic food contaminants and their spoilage metabolitesAgrawal, S CBotanyTrivedi, AlkaAll food categories
32Studies on proteins and amino acids in food stuffs and calciferol in edible oils of Gujaratn.d.ChemistryVasavada,Nayansukhray BhanurayEdible oils and fats
33Studies on the pesticide contamination in food commodities and their residual toxicity in Vivo and In Silico toolsLohani, MohtashimSrivastava, Ashutosh KumarAll food categories
34-Studies on the availability of iron from foods and diets that are commonly consumed in indiaNarasinga Rao, B SNutritionPrabhavathi, TAll food categories
35Evaluation of Therapeutic Potential of Honey And Incorporation of Honey in Food ProductsVeena ShrivastavaNASeema RanaHoney, sugar and sweetners
36-Morphometrics, fishery and biology of some freshwater food fishes of Uttar PradeshMustafa, SaleemZoologyAnsari, Abdul RahmanFish and Fish Products
37Processed food from Aloe VeraC.KarthikeyanK.JayabalanFruits and vegetables & Spices
38-Indian agriculture trends in food grains production implications on food security in India post 1980s studyKhan, Nasir AhmedEconomicesTrinadh, NookathotiCereals, Pulses & Bakery
40Study on nutritional and biological evaluation of cassia tora seeds aelu and development of value added food productsDr. (Mrs.) S.R. MalhotraNitika MahajanCereals, Pulses & Bakery
41-Study on utilization of extruded soyabeans in PET food formulationsRadhakrishna, P M and Sherigara, B SIndustrial ChemistryPurushotham, BCereals, Pulses & Bakery
42-Study of toxic impact of certain permitted synthetic food colourants on male swiss albino mice mus musculusDixit, AparnaZoologyGoyal, R. P.All food categories
43Composition of processed foods status of food labeling and its utility towards healthy food choicesChandorkar SuneetaSingh MeenuAll food categories
44Interactions of sorbic acid in foodsArya, S SScienceThakur, Beli RamAll food categories
45Modified low glycemic index ingredients in wheat based food processingPrabhasankar, P.Bharath Kumar, S.Cereals, Pulses & Bakery
46Studies on lactic acid bacteria in improving food Fermentations and production of bacteriocinsRamanathan. NJayachitra. JAll food categories
47Studies on Iron complexes of potential biochemical importance with special reference to those suitable for the fortification of milk and possibly of other foods and feedsSareen, K NBiochemistrySahney, HarshMilk and Milk Products
48Study on combination of Nisin and Lactobacillus reuteri on food spoilage microbes of bakery and dairy productsKulshretha, Dr SaurabhMicrobiologyBala, Ms NeerajCereals, Pulses & Bakery/ Milk and Milk Products