Research & Development

One of the major component of FSKAN is formulation and execution of joint projects (pull and push type) where gaps or uncertainty in risk assessment for food safety exist. FSSAI has finalized the guidelines for the scheme of Research & Development/ Surveys for food quality and safety and is in continous process of endorsing R&D/studies/surveys based on priority issues for FSSAI.

FSKAN will also maintain a research project database comprising of details of the accomplished and ongoing funded projects, carried out by various faculty members, working at various universities/Research Institutes in India along with their brief summary/ outcome etc. This will also help other Research Institutes in avoiding duplication of work. A facility will be provided for 'Expeditious projects' in which short term projects/studies will be granted for cases where immediate assessments are required.

Under R&D, a facility has been provided for online submission of proposals and the applicants tracking option has been enabled in the system for the convenience of applicants who can check the current status of their research project. A separate administrative module has been developed for internal monitoring and evaluation of the projects.