Ongoing Projects

Details of the research projects sanctioned by FSSAI under the Scheme of Research & Development/ Studies for Food Quality and Safety
i      List of Ongoing Research Projects
Sr. No. Project Title Name of Project Investigator Name of Organization Sanctioned Budget (Rs.) Duration
1Occurrence of acrylamide in processed food products of IndiaDr. P. Nisha ScientistCSIR- National Institute for interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST)27.68 lacs 18 months
2Kunitz Trypsin Inhibitor & Phytic Acid in Soybean: Assessment of methods of Estimation & Profiling Dr. Vineet Kumar, Principal ScientistICAR- Indian Institute of Soybean Research, Indore37.8 lacs02 years
3Functional components and antioxidants analysis of citrus fruit for its potential application in food industryDr. Dinesh Kumar Principal ScientistICAR- Central Citrus Research Institute35.84 lacs02 years
4Assessment of the Quality of Vegetable Oils while frying and formulation of safety guidelines for fried oils for repeated fryingDr. M.S.L. Karuna Senior scientistCSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad22.92 lacs 1 year
5Comparative studies of artificially ripened fruits for identification of changes in chemical composition and their residues Dr. Upadhyayula Venkata Ramana Vijaysarathi senior scientistCSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, (IICT) 37.16 lacs 2 years
6Species identification to check adulteration of cheaper quality meat in meatDr. Vaithiyanathan Principal ScientistICAR- National Research Centre on Meat40.5 lacs1.5 years
7Generation of data on Pesticide Residues and Metal Contaminants in edible vegetable oils of different regionsDr. B.L.A. Prabhavati Devi Principal ScientistCSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad29.12 lacs1 year
8Development of novel methodologies for the identification and quantification of oils in blended, interesterifield and adulterated oils Dr. Sanjit Kanjilal Senior scientistCentre for Lipid Research, CSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Technology26.16 lacs1 year
9Development of Standard Protocols and Molecular tools for Fish Food authentication for food Safety and Quality Assurance Dr. B. P. Mohanty Principal ScientistICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute29.12 lacs2 years
10Nutritional quality and safety evaluation of common processed products of grapes Ms. Sharmistha Naik ScientistICAR- National Research Centre for Grapes, Pune30.74 lacs2 years
11Application of DNA barcoding to detect contamination and substitution form different herbal products available in the market Sh. Brijmohan Singh HOD CSIR- North East Institute of Science and Technology, Assam50 lacs 2 years
12Validation and standardization of the GC analysis method given in ISO 17678:2010 for determination of milk fat purity in bovine milk other than cow’s milkDr. Vivek Sharma ScientistNDRI, Karnal31.64 lacs 18 months