Country-wise Applications Rejection Report

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S.No. Publish date on Portal Point of Entry Product Name Manufacturer Importer Details Reason of Rejection View App.
1 2018-11-01 Chennai Port DATES AND ASSORTED DRY FRUITS AND NUTS VISHNUKUMAR TRADING LLC GLOBAL FOOD STORE Rejection at Scrutiny stage since as per the request letter dated 20.11.2018 of the importer M/s GLOBAL FOOD STORE uploaded in online FICS on 22.11.2018,the products in the subject consignment imported vide BoE no. 8690290 dated 01.11.2018 are without proper labelling and marking as required under FSS (Packaging and Labelling)Regulations,2011 and hence importer requested for issuance of Non-conformance certificate/Rejection Report for re-exporting the consignment back to the origin. View