Country-wise Applications Rejection Report

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S.No. Publish date on Portal Point of Entry Product Name Manufacturer Importer Details Reason of Rejection View App.
1 2018-10-25 Chennai Port 100 PLUS F & N BEVERAGES MANUFACTURING SDN. BHD FNH CONVENIO Product is not in compliance with the Regulation nos.2.2.2 (3), 2.2.5(ii) and 2.2.3 (iii) & (v) of FSS (Packaging & Labelling) Regulations,2011.The product is misbranded as per Section 3(1)(zf) (A)(i)(a) and C (i) & (ii) of FSS Act,2006 View
2 2018-11-19 JNPT NHAVA SHEVA PALM SUPEROLEIN IV60(SQ) ( INBULK) PACKED IN 1X20" FLEXIBAG SIMEDARBY PLANTATION BERHAD SHANKESH FOODS AND EXPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED, (i) The sample does not conforms for (*) marked parameter as per Provision of Food Safety Standards Rules & Regulations 2011. (ii) This test report refers only to the particular of sample(s) submitted for testing. Specific gravity and Saponification Value View