Country-wise Applications Rejection Report

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S.No. Publish date on Portal Point of Entry Product Name Manufacturer Importer Details Reason of Rejection View App.
1 2018-12-05 Chennai Port ORIGINAL KIMIS DATES Anzal Tarkhis Darya Co/Kia Rad Tejarat Tardan Co ORWA IMPEX Label discrepancy-Date of Packing & Expiry Date not mentioned on retail unit packs as required under Regulation no.2.2.2(9)&2.2.2(10) of FSS (Packaging and Labelling)Regulations,2011. Multiple sticker labels with contradicting informations affixed over the printed labelling informations of master cartons. product is therefore not in compliance with Regulation no.2.2.1(3) & 2.2.1(4) of FSS (Packaging and Labelling)Regulations,2011 also&is misbranded as per Section3(1)(zf)(A)(i)(a) of FSSAct,2006 View
2 2018-10-25 COCHIN AIR PORT SAFFRON ESFEDAN SAFFRON CO, MASHHAD, IRAN UNIVERSAL OLEORESINS, KOCHI, KERALA. The sample does not conform to the specification laid down inthe Act and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder for the parameter Total Nitrogen. View