Country-wise Applications Rejection Report

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S.No. Publish date on Portal Point of Entry Product Name Manufacturer Importer Details Reason of Rejection View App.
1 2018-12-10 Chennai Port RICHEESE NABATI PT KALDU SARI NABATI INDONESIA ENERLIFE (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED Rejection at Scrutiny stage since product is not in compliance with the Regulation nos.2.2.1(3),2.3.1(5) & 2.2.2(5) of Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations,2011 and is Misbranded as per Section 3(1)(zf)A(i)(a),3(1)(zf)B(ii) & 3 (1)(zf)(C)(i) of FSS Act,2006 View
2 2018-11-16 Chennai Port CLOVES PT.MAHALAYA AGRI CORP RUBY OVERSEAS As per the Referral Lab analysis report,the sample does not conform to the standards laid down for Cloves under the provisions of Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards & Food Additives) Regulations,2011 thereof, in that a) Volatile oil content falls below the minimum standard limit and b) Headless Cloves content exceeds the maximum permissible limit View