FAQ on Blissful Hygienic Offering to God (BHOG)

1. BHOG initiative of FSSAI based on individual or Cluster approach?
BHOG initiative is an individual approach under which a particular place of worship is identified for certification. It also covers integrated vendor selling prasad and other food items.
2. What all are the target group under BHOG initiative?
Places of Worship handling food either in packed form, loose, meals etc.
3. What are the steps under BHOG certification process?
License/Registration under FSSA-2006, audit followed by training. Post audit will be done if scores are not satisfactory at first audit.
4. Which FoSTaC training is given to food handlers engaged in prasad preparation under BHOG?
Training will be given on Basic catering course under FoSTaC (Food Safety Training and Certification) programme of FSSAI.
5. What is the validity of BHOG certificate?
2 years from date of issue.
6. How long does implementation of BHOG takes?
BHOG is not a mandatory scheme, this initiative aims to build self-compliance at Places of Worship. Implementation time varies from state to state depending on manpower and location of "Place of Worship". In addition in some state there is a dedicated Government Department/Temple Authority who takes care of Places of Worship falling under their jurisdiction which makes implementation and communication easy.
7. Who will give funding support for implementation?
Funding support shall be taken from Temple Authority, concerned state department, corporates through CSR etc. Some of the training partner and auditing partner of FSSI has also supported.
8. What action will be taken in case of major non-compliance reported after certification or during a valid period of BHOG certificate?
State department shall immediately take action to rectify the gap found. Still if gaps are not rectified by certificate holder, a letter shall be issued suspending the certificate till the they submit compliance report.
9. Who will identify "Places of Worship" for certification under BHOG?
State/UT's have to identify potential locations in their state by nominating nodal officer and engaging Designated Officer and Food Safety Officer. In addition, empanelled training partner under FoSTaC, Third Party Audit agencies, Hygiene rating audit agency, Food safety Mitra can help States for identification of potential "Places of Worship".
10. Who will send the final communication to FSSAI, HQ recommending Hub for certification under BHOG?
State Food Safety Department on being satisfied with all steps implemented will write to FSSAI HQ addressing CEO and to the nodal officer of CSFH initiative for issuance of BHOG certificate.
11. Is there any website and email id for BHOG initiative?
Emal id: bhogfssai@gmail.com