General Guidelines for the Creativity Challenge

On the Spot Poster' Competition is for all school students. Schools for children with special needs are encouraged to participate.

The competition would be for three groups of students, Group A (Classes 1 to 5), Group B (Classes 6 to 8); and Group C (Classes 9 to 12).

The competition will be held at three levels, 1. SchoolLevel, 2. City/District Level, and 3. NationalLevel.

The minimum size of the poster should be 8.5" x 11" (A4). The poster should not be framed.

The participants are encouraged to use text and numbers and even slogans, but this should not exceed 30% of the poster space.

The participants are allowed to use any type of Colors (Pastels, water paints, crayons, sketch pens, etc.) or entrant may choose to submit pencil sketch, black-and-white posters.

Time allowed for the competition is two hours and will be held within the school premises.

Schools that wish to participate in the school level competition must register online.

Registered schools are required to conduct 'On the Spot Poster Competition' as per these guidelines and on aforementioned themes on or before 14th December, 2018.

'Posters at the school level will be evaluated by a jury comprising 3 experts with at least one outside expert and select best-3 posters in the three groups i.e. per school totalof9 posters will be chosen. The jury will be selected by schools.'

Lead School

Reputed and well-equipped schools that wish to be designated as 'Lead School' for a city / district (or part thereof) must register online on the creativity challenge website. Such school is referred to as 'Lead School(LS)'in these guidelines.

Lead Schools would be the nodal point for driving poster competition in the city/district and submit the winning entries electronically for the national level competition.

Mobilize minimum 10 schools in the city/district(or part thereof) and facilitate their participation and timely submission of posters for the city/district level competition.

Lead Schools will receive best posters from registered schools (eligible forLevel2) and arrange display of all posters (including best-3 posters in each group of their own school) for evaluation and selection by a City/District Level Jury.

organize the City/District level jury comprising 5 experts with at least three outside experts. Outside experts may include representative of the State Govt., renowned artists art teachers orPrincipals from other schools. The jury will select best-3 posters in each of the three groups.

Lead school must submit online the winning entries using their username/password on Eat Right Creativity Challenge website.

Lead Schools will also have to register and conduct poster competition at their own schools.

Last date of online submission of entries which qualify for national level competition is 10th January, 2019.

Eligibility for Level 2

To be eligible for the City/District Level, schools must have the following:
a) Participation of over 100 students across three groups
b) These schools must have at least 1 Health & Wellness Coordinator (HWC)

These schools will physically send their best 3 posters in the 3 groups to City/District 'Lead School (LS)'. However, these schools will also upload the posters on 'Eat Right Creativity Challenge' website.

Last date for physical submission of poster to the Lead School is 31st December, 2018.

Head of the school would send a certificate on the number of participating students with 3 photographs of the completion along with poster (physical copies) to the lead school.

SNF Fellows may be encouraged to assist the schools in conducting the poster competition.

To be eligible for the National level, schools must have the following:
a) Participation of over 1000 students across three groups
b) Certified Health and Wellness Coordinator
c) SNF Activities as per Eat Right Activity Book

All entries received by the due date through the Lead School would be evaluated by a National Level Jury constituted by FSSAI.

The jury would comprise 5 experts and include renowned artists, nutrition and food safety experts, and art teachers to select three posters in each group for national level awards by FSSAI.

Sustained Engagement under SNF @ School

All schools under SNF@School initiative are eligible.

All Schools registered for poster competition are automatically enrolled for FSSAI's SNF@School initiative.

All schools under SNF@School initiative are required to create a Health and Wellness Coordinator& Team Sehat

Registered schools are required to take up activities on safe and nutritious food as per Eat Right Activity Book (available on the website for sustainable engagement on safe and nutritious food.

All registered schools must showcase their school by uploading a statement and pictures of activities taken up by them to promote safe food and healthy diets under the SNF@School initiative or by themselves based on suggested list of activities. These must be uploaded online by 31st December, 2018.

All registered schools that demonstrate high level of activities above a certain benchmark will be duly recognize and declared as 'Eat Right Champion School' and become part of the National Network of Eat Right Champion Schools(NNERCS).

Role of Lead Schools

All lead schools would conduct at least one orientation workshop of the Health and Wellness Coordinators under Safest and Nutritious Food @School initiative before 31 December, 2018. This certification program is available online at

The Health and Wellness Coordinator modules and assessment are available online at A list of Resource Persons to conduct the training is at Schools may either use these resource persons, or use their own internal resources to conduct the training.

Wall Art Competition will be conducted at the National Level.

One or more schools in association with local municipal authority and/or district administration/ school education departments are encouraged to identify suitable public facing wall space in the school/city/district and create 'WallArt'of a size of at least 600 sqft.

Wall Art should be based on one of the themes as aforementioned. This 'Wall Art' would be branded in the right hand corner with logo of'Gandhi's 150 Birth Anniversary Celebrations' and 'Eat Right India' in 2ft.x3ft. size in upper right hand corner. These logos can be downloaded from

For identification, registration numbers of the participating schools at one foot height would be painted on the wall art in the left hand corner

There can be more than one entry from each city/district.

Best-3 wall arts would also adjudged by the National Level Jury.

This Wall Art must be completed and two photographs of the same should be submitted online within 31 December,2018.

Wall art will be uploaded by the chosen schools directly on the website for competition.On uploading the wall art, schools will receive certificate of participation.

Amateur as well as professional artists, students of fine arts, mass communication, graphic design, nutrition & home science, food science and technology, digital designers, painters, video artists, movie makers or any creatively inclined individual are all eligible for this category of awards.

Creative work in this category may include any of the following, digital posters, illustrated photograph, short video clips, GIFs, jingles, short stories, short cartoon clip or use of any creative medium.

The entries will be judged in 3 broad categories:

a) Category 1: Videos, Audios, GIFs

b) Category 2: Digital Posters, Illustrations, Images and Photographs.

c) Category 3: Stories, Cartoon Clips.

The length of the videos should not exceed 90 seconds; Audios should not exceed 60 seconds; Stories and cartoon clips should not take more than 120 seconds to play.

Incase of insufficient entries in any category, the categories maybe clubbed at the discretion of the Organisers.

All works must be certified as original by the participant, FSSAI or any of the other Organisers take no responsibility for plagiarism or any copyright violations.

To promote innovation and encourage different mediums, 3 special awards will be given for the most innovative creatives, which maybe from the abovementioned categories, or may use a completely different approach from these categories.

a) For images, the format may be in JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF with a maximum size of 1.5 MB

b) For Videos, the format may be in AVI, QVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, NMV with a maximum of 12.15 MB and of 40 sec or 60 sec.

c) For audio, the format may be in MP3 and should not be more than 1 min

After the registration, choosing the theme for the creatives, type of creative, and basic details, the participants will have till the 31st of December, 2018 to complete and upload the creatives.

All entries would be required to mention creative title, category of digital creative, entrant's name, age, gender, email ID, mobile contact number, institutional affiliation (if any), one thematic area, State, city and brief description (no more than 100 words) on the online submission form.

At the first level screening of entries would be done and then the shortlisted entries will be judged at the national level by a jury of 4 to 5 experts.

Awards would be based on artistic skills, representation of the contest theme #EatRightIndia and how well the contest theme is expressed in both the artwork accompanying written statement.

All winning entries would be the property of FSSAI to be used as deemed fit in public interest.

Poster Competition: Reward for school

All registered schools will be automatically enrolled under SNF@School for easy and immediate access to interesting and scientifically accurate tools and activities to promote safe and wholesome food habits amongst children.

All registered participating schools will receive an online 'Certificate of Participation' on uploading of best 9 posters, 3 from each category.

All schools that move to Level 2, will receive a certificate as mentioned in Point 1 above and a 'Book Hamper' with 2 volumes of Yellow Book for children, Pink Book for home kitchens and DART book for simple tests for detecting adulteration.

All schools that move to Level 3, will receive a 'Team Sehat' Souvenir, the book hamper, along with certificate as mentioned in Point 1 above.

All 'Lead Schools' that mobilise minimum 10 other schools for participating in the poster competition will receive a 'Certificate of Participation', 'Team Sehat' Souvenir and 'Food Safety Magic Box', for detection of common adulterants in food.

Poster Competition: Reward for student

Students with the winning posters in each category at national level would be given a certificate of appreciation and cash awards [Prize - Rs.15,000; 2nd Prize - Rs.10,000; 3rd Prize - Rs.8,000 each]. (Total 9 prizes.)

Students with the winning posters in each category will be invited to participate in the national level function at New Delhi. Their cost of travel (economy class air travel), accommodation and local transport along with one guardian will be paid by FSSAI.

Two representatives of award winning schools will also be invited to participate in the national level function at New Delhi. Their cost of travel (economy class air travel), accommodation and local transport will be paid for by FSSAI.

Wall artCompetition: For Schools

A Certificate of Appreciation and cash award for schools with Best-3 wall arts will be given [1st Prize - Rs.15,000; 2nd Prize - Rs.10,000; 3rd Prize - Rs.8,000 each].

Digital Creative Competition: For Individual

A Certificate of Appreciation and a cash award [1st Prize - Rs.15,000; 2nd Prize - Rs.10,000; 3rd Prize - Rs.5,000 in each category ] would be given to individuals.

A certificate of appreciation and a cash award of Rs. 15,000 will be given to Top 5 Lead Schools/Universities

Individual with the winning entry will be invited to participate in the national level function at New Delhi. Their cost of travel (economy class air travel), accommodation and local transport along with one guardian will be paid by FSSAI.

Recognition of Sustained Engagement under SNF @ School

Eat Right Champion School:

a) Initial recognition of lead school to the best 5 lead schools during Eat Right Creativity Challenge.

b) Cash award of 25,000/-

c) Two representatives(Health and Wellness Coordinator + nodal teacher for competition) will be invited to participate in the national level function at Delhi. Travel cost to be reimbursed by FSSAI


There can also be consolation prizes in case of many high quality entries that cannot be accommodated amongst the prize winners. - responsibility given to State

An Exhibition of best posters, wall art, and other creative work would be organised in New Delhi.

The national prize-winners will also get unique opportunity of attending a Master Class with Renowned Artists led by Shri Paresh Maity on 28th January, 2019 in Delhi NCR.

The winners will also be interviewed by FSSAI's SNF Mascots and the interview will be featured on FSSAI's films and social media platform.

Entrants participating in the competition authorize FSSAI to use all or part of their posters in print and digital media.

The decision ofthe judges forallcategories willbe final.

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Disclaimer: FSSAI reserves the right to withdraw/amend the guidelines at any time at its own discretion