In today’s time eating out has become a common practice. This can be attributed to rapid modernization, change in life style and eating patterns coupled with increase in purchasing power, long hours spent away from home and lack of time. In today’s time people venture out of their home more often to savor delicacies as well as enjoy ambience provided by these eating outlets. To cater the same more and more restaurants, café and fast food joints are mushrooming rapidly. This possess an extra challenge on catering industry as they have a responsibility to provide wholesome and safe food. FSSAI has rolled out initiative Serve Safe in restaurant to ensure the same. Under this initiative:

  1. Food Safety Supervisor (FSS)
    • FSS will be a trained and certified supervisor in the restaurants who will be responsible for carrying out implementation of hygiene standards in their respective restaurants.
    • FSS will train employees to implement and maintain good hygiene practices. He will also assist operators to conduct in-house supervision, correct irregularities detected and conduct food hygiene and safety training of food handlers in his organisations.
  2. Food Safety Display Boards (FSDBs)

    These FSDB will replace the current requirement in the FSS regulations which necessitate food businesses to display FSSAI Registration / license, which is not really visible to the customer. Three important components of FSDBs are

    • FSDBs will not only make FSSAI registration/license number visible.
    • It will also inform the customer and the food handler about the important food safety and hygiene practices required to keep food safe. Each of these practices will information will be numbered for feedback purposes.
    • An important feature of FSDB is a new and more effective consumer feedback system. The board provides consumer about various of options for sending feedback through WhatsApp, SMS or give feedback on FSSAI App. These FSDB will be aligned with the FSSAI App where a consumer will be able to see the actual FSDBs for each category of food business and can simply give feedback by entering FSSAI Registration/ License no. and marking against the number of food safety and hygiene practice he wants to complain or send his feedback about.
  3. Safe and Hygienic Food (SAHF) Rating:
    • It aims to inform consumers of a restaurant’s quality, improve standards in cooking and cleanliness and also helps recognising the businesses with higher standards and encourages other food business operators to improve.
    • Two type of ratings will be provided to each catering establishments, one will be provided on basis of audit scores and second on basis of consumer feedback system
Here is a report of a workshop held on Serve Safe in Restaurants PDF