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(Legislative Department)

General Hygienic and Sanitary practices to be followed by Food Business operators

It is hereby recognized and declared as a matter of legislative determination that in the field of human nutrition, safe, clean, wholesome food - is indispensable to the health and welfare of the consumer of the country; that - food is a perishable commodity susceptible to contamination and adulteration; - and that - basic sanitary and hygienic conditions are deemed to be necessary for the production and distribution of milk - Meat products, service establishments etc.

The establishment in which food is being handled, processed, manufactured, stored, distributed by the food business operator whether holder of registration certificate or a license as per the norms laid down in these regulations and the persons handling them should conform to the sanitary and hygienic requirement, food safety measures and other standards as specified below. It shall also be deemed to be the responsibility of the food business operator to ensure adherence to necessary requirements.

These are the basic - compulsory requirements for ensuring safety of the food manufactured in any premise and FBOs shall continuously try to improve the sanitary and hygienic conditions at the premises with a goal of attaining India HACCP standards within a - previously determined period.

And whereas objections and suggestions received from the stakeholders within the specified period on the said draft Regulations have been considered and finalized by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Part I - General Hygienic and Sanitary practices to be followed by Petty Food Business Operators applying for Registration

( See Regulation 2.1.1(2) )

In case inspection of the units is directed by the Registering or Licensing Authority, the inspection should confirm that the following measures are adopted by the unit as far as possible: