Organisation Directory

Name Designation Phone No Email
Shri Ashish Bahuguna Chairperson 011-23220991/92
Shri Pawan Kumar Agarwal Chief Executive Officer 011-23220995
Ms Madhavi Das Chief Management Services Officer (Regulatory Compliance/HR/TCB/PC/Library) 011-23216582
Shri Kumar Anil Advisor (Standards) 011-23217833
Shri Sunil Bakshi Advisor (Regulations/Codex) 011-23237439
Dr. N. Bhaskar Advisor (QA) 011-23220990
Shri Rakesh Chandra Sharma Director (Imports) 011-23220994
Dr. Rubeena Shaheen Director (Risk Assessment and R & D) 011-23237421
Ms. Suneeti Toteja Director (FSMS) 011-23237436
Shri Ashwani Kumar Gupta Director 011-23220990
Shri Raj Singh Head (GA/Legal/Parliament/Rajbhasha/RTI) 011-23220997,
Dr. A. C. Mishra Joint Director (Standards) 011-23219497
Shri Umesh Kumar Jain Joint Director (QA) 011-23220990,
Shri Parveen Jargar Joint Director 011-23237433
Shri Tanmoy Prasad Chief Information and Technology Officer (IT) --
Dr. Alexjeevadhas Deputy Director (Standards) 011-23215024
Ms. Pritha Ghosh Deputy Director (Training) 011-23213759
Ms. Anita Makhijani Deputy Director (Technical) 011-23215024
Shri P. Karthikeyan Assistant Director (Regulations / Codex) 011-23231681
Shri Vinay Kumar Tarun Assistant Director(HR-I) 011-23214135
Shri Madan Mohan Khantwal Assistant Director(HR-II) 011-23214135
Shri Prabhat Kumar Mishra Assistant Director(Regulatory Compliance) 011-23237435
Shri Akhilesh Gupta Assistant Director(Regulatory Compliance) 011-23237435
Shri Deepak Pandey Assistant Director(Legal) 011-23214136
Ms. Malika Taneja Assistant Director (IEC) 011-23217402
Shri Sumer Singh Meena Assistant Director (General Administration) 011-23237442
Shri Ravinder Kumar Assistant Director (General Administration) 011-23237442
Shri Naresh Chitkara Sr. Finance and Accounts Officer 011-23237427
Shri Manoj Kumar Assistant Director(Finance & Accounts) 011-23237427
Shri Manish Kumar Srivastava Assistant Director(HR) 011-23237427
Shri Vivek Saxena Assistant Director (Rajbhasha) --
Shri Anupam Rastogi Assistant Director(Sur. / IT) --
Shri Abhishek Lall Assistant Director (IC) --
Dr. Ajay Garg Assistant Director(Imports) 011-23231679
Ms. Sabita Jaiswal Assistant Director (Imports) 011-23231679
Shri Shailender Kumar Assistant Director (QA) 011-23237417
Shri Nilesh Ojha Assistant Director (QA) 011-23237417
Shri Ashok Kumar Mishra Assistant Director (Training) --
Ms. Remya K Kumar Assistant Director (FSMS) --
Dr. Manisha Narayan Assistant Director (FSMS) 011-23214643
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Scientist IV(1) 011-23215024
Dr. Ranum Dabas Scientist IV(1) --
Ms.Pushpinder Jeet Kaur Technical Officer --

Authorized Officers

Food Safety Commissioners / Principle Secretaries

Designated Officers - Central Licensing